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Maggie: Getting Fit Slowly


Ever since crossing into the teenage years, I have dreamt of being the skinny girl. This lead me to pretty extreme paths to achieve it. I always had an “all” or “nothing” attitude when it came to fitness. I would either run a marathon or not exercise at all; eat 600 calories a day or go all out, etc. My weight has ranged from 85 to 145 pounds! I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food and weight, and I decided that it is time for that to change. 

Despite all of my efforts to lose weight, I am still at my set point weight: 135 pounds at 5 5. Though I know this isn’t fat, I know I could do better, especially in terms of fitness. My goal isn’t necessarily to lose weight, but it is  to exercise regularly,  develop healthy eating habits for life, and have a healthy relationship with food. 

I am writing this blog because I want to slowly get into the habit of eating in a healthy and intuitive way, and learn to love exercise again. I also want to share exercise videos I find and many yummy foods I make/find. 

Let the journey to fitness begin!


Fun Facts


  • I am originally from Russia
  • I am sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • I used to run varsity cross country in HS
  • I have run two half-marathons and one marathon. All in my senior year of high school/freshman year of college.
  • I am very much in love with my boyfriend, who goes to school in Dallas, TX and is currently backpacking through Europe!
  • I am Business & Psychology Major, and a French Minor. 
  • I work at as a legal assistant part time Job
  • I have lived in Argentina & Brazil







chapelhillspring2008-022With Boy




One response to “My Life

  1. Enjoyed reading through your blog. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Cool design, by the way : )

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