Veggie Lover

I have been eating veggies like crazy today! Maybe I am craving them because I am sick.

Lunch (unpictured) consisted of a huge salad at EarthFare and a small peanut butter froyo cone from TCBY.

Dinner was quite extravagant:

Crudites w/hummus:







I received great news regarding summer plans, and I think I am all set. I will be continuing my one week old job at a lawfirm that pays more than I could hope for as a sophomore in college, and a really intersting internship (e.i. – no secretarial work!)  with a local company. I will be working 50 hours a week – but I will earn a lot of money (law firm) and get great experience (startup). 

This will allow me to not work during my junior year in college while taking lots of hard classes. Hopefully the experience at the startup will enable me to get an internship in Wall Street next year, provided the economy improves, *fingers crossed* which has been my dream!  

I only hope I don’t get lonely this summer, as most of my friends will not be in town (and my boyfriend is now backpacking through Europe!).. I am quite scared of it, to be honest. 

“Life should always be like this… Don’t you agree? Like lingering over a good meal. Unfortunately, most people have no talent for it… As soon as they start one thing, they want it to be over with, so they can start on the next.”



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