Like a Chicken…

Generally, my weeks are quite hectic. I run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off! I woke up at 7, worked all day, came home at 5 and I am now doing some homework before heading out for my Business Fraternity Meeting!

I am quite unhappy with the way I look lately. I have gained around 5 pounds in the last month because I stopped working out (due to being upset because of some personal issue & having a lot of work!) and now I can’t get back into it because of allergies. I know I am technically not overweight, but I don’t feel as comfortable in my own skin and my clothes are all tight!

As for food: 

Grapes/Pink Lady
Sprouts Low Fat Rye Bread
Light Laughing Cow
Iced Coffee w/vanilla soy milk* 1.5


Grapes/Pink Lady
Wrap  with hummus and lots of veggies! (which ended up being rather soggy! I don’t know why sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t)



Snack (unpictured)


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